Staff Directory

Debbie Douglas [email protected]
Executive Director 416-322-4950 x229
Eta Woldeab [email protected]
Associate Executive Director 416-322-4950 x224
Sihem Ait Hammouda [email protected]
Bilingual Coordinator, Accessibility Initiative / Coordinatrice bilingue, Initiative pour l'Accessibilité 416-322-4950 x258
Sidrah Ahmad [email protected]
Senior Project Coordinator - Violence Against Women Program 416-322-4950 x240
Sahar Ashraf [email protected]
Coordinator, & 416-322-4950 x349
Michelle Ball [email protected]
Coordinator, SDI Allies in Refugee Integration Project 416-322-4950 x225
Soheil Baouji [email protected]
Coordinator, É / Coordinateur, É 416-322-4950 x353
Selina Basudde [email protected]
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director 416-322-4950 x266
Paulina Bermeo [email protected]
Coordinator 416-322-4950 x233
Amy Casipullai [email protected]
Senior Coordinator, Policy and Communications 416-322-4950 x239
Felicia Christmas [email protected]
Coordinator, Event Management - Conference/Forum 416-322-4950 x285
Manolli Ekra [email protected]
Senior Coordinator, Policy and Research / Coordonnatrice Principale, Politique et Recherche 416-322-4950 x227
Gregory Elward [email protected]
Senior Coordinator, Web Development 416-322-4950 x237
Anna Finch [email protected]
Coordinator, Discussion Forum Moderation 416-322-4950 x236
Miyuki Fukuma [email protected]
Web Designer, National Settlement Sector Community of Practice (CoP) 416-322-4950 x357
Peggy Ho [email protected]
Senior Coordinator, Finance & Administration 416-322-4950 x223
Sizwe-Alexandre Inkingi [email protected]
Coordinator, Positive Spaces Initiative / Coordonnateur, Initiative Espaces Positifs 416-322-4950 x252
Nadia Junaid [email protected]
Senior Coordinator, Mental Health Promotion Project 416-322-4950 x246
Yara Kodershah [email protected]
Coordinator, Positive Spaces Initiative / Coordonnatrice, Initiative Espaces Positifs 416-322-4950 x242
Beverly Lawrence-Dennis [email protected]
Coordinator, Professional Education and Training 416-322-4950 x238
Julia Mais (On leave) [email protected]
Senior Coordinator, Settlement.Org 416-322-4950
Chenthoori Malankov [email protected]
Coordinator, Violence Against Women 416-322-4950 x244
Ali [email protected]
Bilingual Coordinator, National Settlement Sector - Community of Practice (CoP) / Coordinateur bilingue, Communauté de pratique (CdP) du secteur de l'établissement national 416-322-4950 x276
Leona McColeman [email protected]
Coordinator, Technical Support  
Emily Mooney [email protected]
Coordinator, Research, Content Development, and Training Facilitation 416-322-4950 x256
Witta Nicoyishakiye [email protected]
Assistant Coordinator, Research, Content Development & Facilitation 416-322-4950 x271
Chavon Niles [email protected]
Senior Coordinator, Accessibility Initiative 416-322-4950 x260
Martha Orellana [email protected]
Senior Coordinator, Policy and Membership 416-322-4950 x230
Laura Osorio [email protected]
Content Coordinator, / Coordinatrice de contenu, 416-322-4950 x250
Deborah Perne [email protected]
Bilingual Content Coordinator, WelcomeOntario/ AccueilOntario / Coordinatrice Bilingue de Contenu, AccueilOntario/WelcomeOntario 416-322-4950 x247
Taemika Pickering [email protected]
Assistant Coordinator, Event Management 416-322-4950 x265
Theresa Polyakov [email protected]
Coordinator, Content Management - Settlement.Org 416-322-4950 x355
Karen Scott [email protected]
Senior Manager, IT & New Media 416-322-4950 x243
Ila Sethi [email protected]
Assistant, Finance & Administration 416-322-4950 x251
Brian Sharpe [email protected]
Coordinator, Web Design & Development 416-322-4950 x356
Laura Tachini [email protected]
Coordinator, Content Management, 416-322-4950 x234
Elena Trapeznikova [email protected]
Senior Coordinator, Technology & Training 416-322-4950 x241
Marcos Vilela [email protected]
Coordinator, Web and Graphic Design 416-322-4950 x255
Sajedeh Zahraei [email protected]
Senior Manager, Professional Development & Training 416-322-4950 x270