Violence Against Immigrant and Refugee Women

Logo of NFFRecognizing that violence against immigrant and refugee women as a gravely important issue, OCASI has joined forces with the Ontario Women's Directorate (OWD) to facilitate Neighbours, Friends and Families (NFF) campaign.

The NFF Immigrant and Refugee Communities Project is a culturally and linguistically sensitive training program that assists settlement workers at each participating organization to reach out to those closest to victims of domestic abuse - teaching them to recognize the signs of abuse and know what actions to take in response. The NFF Immigrant and Refugee Communities Project seeks to increase the public's confidence to offer support and make referrals to victims of domestic abuse by providing a series of Training Workshops for NFF Community Coordinators and Community-based NFF Champions. 

NFF brochures have been translated into multiple languages and are available to all community members. OCASI provides strategic guidance and support to implementing agencies. This project is funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Women's Directorate.

The VAW Community-based Education and Capacity Building Project fosters the development of community education initiatives that reach vulnerable and isolated members of immigrant and refugee communities and equip community members to be active bystanders.This project aims to build the capacity of front-line workers and community members to carry out community education and outreach on sexual violence and domestic violence, including how to effectively use, in their local initiatives, OCASI’s public education materials on violence against women (VAW) within immigrant and refugee communities.


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